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NOTICE is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Widows’, Orphans’ and Compassionate Fund will be held via ZOOM [due to Covid-19].  At 10.00hrs on Monday the 18th of January 2021.

We thank you for your understanding during this difficult Pandemic and we are doing our very best to maintain normal service to all Members, whilst minimising the risk to our staff.

 Monday 18th January 2021, commencing at 10.00hrs,

The Agenda for which is as follows:

To read a Notice and Extract from SharePoint and our website convening the meeting.

To consider the following recommendations of the Management Committee and the Solicitor:

Proposed Rule Amendments:

  1. That Rules 2 (a)-(e) (Constitution and Membership) be deleted in their entirety and be replaced by the following new Rule 2:

“2. Membership

The sole voting member of the Fund shall be South West Police Compassionate Fund (charity number 1191281) (“the CIO”) and no further voting members of the Fund shall be appointed without the prior written consent of the CIO. All other memberships and voting rights arising as a result of membership of the Fund existing prior to the date of the resolution adopting this present version of Rule 2 shall terminate with immediate effect.”

  1. That Rules 4 (a)-(e) (Committee of Management- Composition) be deleted in their entirety and be replaced by the following new Rule 4:

“4. (Committee of Management- Composition)

The Committee shall comprise the Trustees for the time being of the CIO.”

  1. That Rule 10 (Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary Meetings) be amended to read:

“The Chairman or the CIO shall have the power to call an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary Meeting provided 14 days’ notice has been given.”

  1. That Rule 17 (New Rules and Amendments) be amended to read as follows:

17. (New Rules and Amendments)

Rules may be added to, altered or rescinded by way of written resolution signed by a duly authorised representative of the CIO, or at any Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting provided 14 days’ notice has been given to the member of the proposed change of rule, subject in each case to Charity Commission approval where required. No additions, alteration or deletion shall be made, the result of which would be to cause the Fund to cease as a Charity at Law.”


  • The resolutions are proposed to amend the Rules of the Fund charity to reflect that from 1 January 2021, the Fund charity’s operations will be conducted through the new CIO.
  • After this date, the ‘old’ Fund charity will remain in existence as a dormant charity under the control of the new CIO. This is in order to safeguard receipt of future legacies and gifts specifically made out to the old Fund charity.
  • The changes to the Rules make it clear that the CIO becomes the sole voting member of the ‘old’ charity, and the trustees of the CIO for the time being will be the committee members of the old Fund charity.
  • The proposed Rule changes, if approved, will bring the ‘old’ Fund charity under the control of the CIO, which is a separate legal entity.

The proposed changes will also enable the trustees to apply to the Charity Commission to link the old Fund charity to the new CIO for accounting and reporting purposes. This will simplify future administration by enabling the CIO to file a single annual report and accounts covering both charities, removing the need for the two charities to submit separate annual reports and accounts and annual returns to the Charity Commission.

No ‘Additional business’ can be raised at this meeting as Members have 28 days to consider any proposals made at this meeting.

The Chairman


Mr N. Rabbitts

Notice of the Annual General Meeting


Due to restrictions of Covid-19 we were unable to hold the AGM at the Devon Motel as planned in July.  We hoped that it could be rescheduled to Monday the 19th of October 2020.  Due to the announcement by the Government and ongoing restrictions, this meeting will now only be accessible via ZOOM media platform.

 Members can apply for an electronic invitation to the AGM.  Please submit your request to along with your full name and address.  We will then verify your membership and send out the invitation link nearer the time of the meeting.   This secure link must not be shared with third parties or posted on websites, for security reasons.  The trustees thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Applications may be restricted due to technology and will therefore be allocated on a first come basis.  

NOTICE: is hereby given that the fifty third Annual General Meeting of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Widows’, Orphans’, and Compassionate Fund. commencing at 12.30hrs on Monday 19th October 2020

Any Fund member can obtain an agenda from the Fund Administrator telephone, 01392 574332 or email

In addition, the 2019 Annual Report and Financial Statements are in the process of being prepared and will shortly be available to view on the Fund website or a hard copy can be obtained on request from the Fund Administrator.


Annual Report 2019

Dear Members

We have conducted the Audit for 2019, under strict social distancing rules, with the Administration and the independent Auditors.   The 2019 Annual report has been approved by the Trustees and the Auditor, and is now available on the website.  If you prefer to have a hard copy, please contact the Administrator and we can send you a copy in the post.

The 2019  Financial accounts will be available, once approved by the Auditors and Trustees.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19 we are therefore hopeful that the Annual Report and accounts will be filed with the Charity Commission in the normal manner, well within the usual time limits. [ October 2020 ]

The Trustees would like to thank Kirk Hills Accountants for agreeing to conduct ‘a socially distanced’ Audit with the Administration team, during this most worrying time.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Nigel Rabbitts


Annual General Meeting for 2020 – Postponed until October 2020

Dear Members

Under normal circumstances, we host the Annual General Meeting during July each year.    Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, and the health and safely concerns, the Trustees have taken the decision to postpone the A.G.M. until Monday the 19th of October 2020.

We will review the situation nearer the revised date, however the provisional details are as follows:

The Annual General Meeting will now be held at 13.00hrs on Monday 19th October 2020*

All Members are welcome to attend, but we ask that you register your request with the administrator at least 7 days prior, and ensure you have written confirmation of a reserved place.

*[ subject to review of social distance guidance at the time – which means we may have to restrict numbers or cancel the meeting at short notice]

We will look to set up ZOOM remote access for those Trustees and Members who cannot attend in person.


The Devon Motel

Old Matford Lane



We thank our Members for their understanding during these unprecedented times.   Please be assured that the Trustees and Administration are doing everything possible to maintain the level of services available for our Members during this crisis.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Nigel Rabbitts



Covid -19

Dear Members

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, staff are working remotely from home.   We recommend that you either send an email, or contact the Administrator on her mobile phone, Tel: 07568 176603.

The Trustees understand this is a worrying time for all of our Members, so if you feel the Fund can be of assistance, then we advise that you make contact with the Administrator, to discuss your situation.   We hope that you all keep safe and well during this worrying time.

Mr. Nigel Rabbitts


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