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New and Departing Trustees 2014

The Trustees for 2014 have been duly nominated to the Fund Committee in accordance with Fund rules

The full list for 2014 as at 01/03/2014 has been updated and is published on this website

There is one departing Trustee namely Karen Stiven who has stepped down on retirement from the Force. The Fund Committee thank her for her time and input to the Fund and wish her a long and happy retirement.

There are two new Trustees namely Paul Davies (representing Superintendents Assoc) and Jenny Tucker (representing Exeter Constables ) The members of the Fund thank them for volunteering for this very worthwhile role within the umbrella of the Force.


One of the difficulties facing the Fund is attracting new recruit to join the Fund as members. Without new Fund members there will in the future be no Fund! In recent years the percentage of new recruits joining as members has dramatically fallen. Twenty years ago over 80% of Sworn officers were members of the Fund, in 2013 this figure has fallen to under 50%. The fact that for two years there has been zero recruitment has not helped. However in April 2013 recruitment recommenced but out of the first 40 new recruits only one officer joined the Fund.

In view if this the Fund Management Committee unanimously decided to change the  Fund policy for new recruits to join the Fund, namely:-

Free membership of the Fund for duration of probation (2 years) on condition that they undertake to commence membership donations on completion of their probation and sign a gift aid form.

This measure has had some success with the latest intake of recruits in that 9 out of 20 recruits joined the Fund.

All previous probationers who joined in 2013 have been sent a letter inviting them to join the Fund under this new policy


No Increase in Members Monthly Donations

At the October 2011Trustees Meeting, due to the current economic situation it was resolved that there should not be any increase in the Fund Members monthly donation

for the next 12 months


Greg Jarrett, a long standing Trustee of the Fund has now retired from the Force and has had to stand down as a Fund Trustee. The Fund Trustees thank him for his time and valued input to the Fund and wish him a long and happy retirement.  His replacement is Sergeant Dave Routley based at Plympton (Traffic)


At a Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Police Federation social function in April 2011 the Joint Branch Board raised a total of £980.00 by holding a fun Casino and prize draw.This has been generously donated to the Compassionate Fund. This a magnificent effort and is most gratefully received and many thanks to all who organised the event

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