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Fund Receives Notification Of Legacy

The Fund Administrator has been notified of a legacy from the estate of the late Miss Joyce Kathleen Pugsley of Barnstaple. The Fund is a main beneficiary along with two other national charities. The Fund will receive 33.3% of the residual estate and the value of the estate has been valued at just over £3,000,000. Miss Pugsley did not have any known direct connection to the police or the Fund but clearly she held the local police force and the Fund in high esteem. The sadness, is that we cannot thank her in person for her very great generosity. The estate is quite complicated and it is likely that it will take several years for it to be finalised.

Fund’s Oldest Member

It is with sadness that we publish the death of the Fund’s oldest member: Ex- Chief Superintendent George Brown of St Austell was 101 years and died on 19 November 2010.

George originally joined the Old Penzance Borough Police and retired from the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in 1969.


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