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April 2016

Dear Fund Administrator

I wanted to let you know that the Stair Lift has been installed and is in full use.   It has already made a huge difference to my life, as you know I suffer from mobility issues and this Stair lift means that I am able to access the bedroom and bathroom facilities which are situated on the first floor.

Thank you so much for your help in making this possible and please thank everyone else involved for everything.

Yours faithfully






February 2015

Dear Fund Administrator

I would like to send our sincerest thanks for the funds given to us towards our holiday which we spent in Australia for Christmas 2014.
After the tragic death of my husband, a serving police officer 18 months ago, Christmas has become a very painful time for us as a newly bereaved family.
When your charity offered to help fund a holiday to visit my brother and his family it was a reason to look forward to a difficult time.
Our trip has given my 3 children some special and memorable experiences, and to see each of them playing with their cousins and laughing and living again has been priceless.
I truly think this amazing holiday has helped them reconcile their deep loss and they have been able to share a bond which this holiday has helped to cement between them. I am forever grateful for the escapism which it gave to me as well, and to watch them gain confidence with travelling and then recollect their experiences on our return home has given me the strength to believe we can move forwards as a family that can still enjoy life and not just become locked in the pain of our grief.
My deepest gratitude is to your efforts with this fantastic charity, I cannot thank you enough.
Yours gratefully,

Police Widow




March 2014

Dear Administrator

My husband is now the proud owner of this beautiful bed. After numerous searches and phone calls I managed to find a mobility company who specialised in made to measure beds that were so helpful. I managed to get a double bed for the price of a single bed and a free head board. The bed is an excellent quality with a memory foam mattress, electric remote control  with batteries in case of a power cut. We had to wait a few weeks for delivery but the quality of the bed is so much better than the one we had seen previously. As you can see in the photos the top and bottom of the bed rise up which will help my husband sleep better and hopefully help him with his on going health problems . So far he has had the best nights sleep in years and this has improved his quality of life so much. We cannot thank the Compassionate Fund enough, we are so grateful

All the Best

Police Pensioners Wife





Oct 2013

Dear Administrator

I would just like to take the time to thank you for the grant I received on behalf of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Compassionate Fund and to thank you for the continued support. The money is extremely useful to me in continuing my studies

So thank you again 🙂

Yours sincerely

Dependant Child




West Sussex

October 2012

Dear Fund Administrator

My wife and I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to you and the Fund Trustees for the generous grant made towards the cost of a walk in shower and the cost of the private ambulance for my wife when we moved from Devon to West Sussex.

It isn’t until you face serious disability that the cost of care sinks in. We all try to save so we do not struggle to maintain a good standard of living in old age but sudden events beyond your control can have a great impact on your finances and lifestyle. When I first joined the then Devon Constabulary in 1963 I contributed to the Fund without a single thought that one day I or my dependants would ever need financial help. Like an insurance it is something you think you need to have but will probably never use as ..’It’s not going to happen to me’

With the decline of Police Social Clubs and Divisional/Section Police Balls it must be difficult to maintain a substantial income for the Fund and I hope that all current fund raisers receive the recognition they truly deserve for this very worthwhile cause

Well done and thank you to all concerned





May 2012

Dear Fund Trustees

Thank you so much for the grant you have kindly authorised for my family.

I remember 14 years ago when I first joined the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary being up at Middlemoor and bombarded with new information, uniform tec; during all this, one of the trainers explained to us about the Compassionate Fund and asked if we would like to subscribe to it. I didn’t think too much about it at the time, it was something I just did. I would like to think, like most officers, I joined the police to help those in need in my community and for the sake of a few pence a week this was just another way I could do this.

A few weeks prior to joining this Force my son was born, he has Downs Syndrome and a serious heart defect. Over the years life has become harder and harder on our family but despite this I always believed that there were those worse off and in more need than ourselves.

Sometimes it takes someone from outside looking into make you realise that it is OK to accept helpand to Paul Jeffery (Fund Trustee) I am deeply grateful for this. To anyone joining this Force or indeed anyone already swerving who does not subcribe to the Compassionate fund, take a good look around you, there may be a colleague on whom you rely on a daily basis to support and back you upwhen in need, even to put themselves in danger to assist you. One day that colleague may suffer a personal tragedy or crisis and you could be helping to make a massive difference to that person’s life just by donating the price of a pasty and a pint every month. You never know one day that colleague could even turn out to be you!

As I am writing this letter my home is full of workmen installing the new boiler, thank you again.

Our daughter has not been forgotten, two weeks ago it was her 12th birthday, thanks to you, for the first time ever, she was given the full VIP treatment- hairdresser, shopping, cinema and restaurant meal with some of her friends. it has been heartbreaking every year on her birthday not being able to throw a party whilst all her friends seem to have one. Thank you for the insight in recognising the sacrifices that she makes for the sake of the family.

Thank you again from myself, my wife, daughter and son, words will never be able to express our gratitude

Yours gratefully

Serving Officer





November 2011

Dear Fund Administrator

I would like to take this opportunity to express my families sicere thanks to the Fund Trustees for their generosity following our recent special grant application. The grant has enabled us to purchase a suitable wheel chair accessible vehicle. We were able to source a suitable vehicle (Renault Kangoo) on E Bay.

We undertook the ‘maiden voyage’ this week by taking my mother and father to one of their favourite places: Dartmouth. My father was stationed there from 1955 to 1966 and looks upon it as the best place that he had the opportunity to live and work. When I arrived at the residential home to collect my mum and dad, he said he was so excited he felt like a child on Christmas Day. The excursion was everything I had hoped, my dad was laughing and telling stories of times past, he had a wonderful time. He is already planning the next trip.

Please pass on our thanks to all of the Trustees of the Compassionate Fund, without their help this opportunity to provide stimulation for my father would not have been possible. We all hope that it will lead to some further progress with his recovery

with many thanks

Police Pensioners Son



January 2011

Dear Fund Administrator

May I first apologise for the type written note- these days my hand writing resembles a drunken spider doing the highland fling in a pot of ink. I would like to thank the Fund for helping our situation. The three years since my diagnosis have been quite draining – not only physically with the various treatments but mentally too (my maths skills are not the greatest at the best of times and trying to work out chances of survival based on various treatment statistics was a bit of a minefield- although due to the speed and severity of my condition these options were incredibly limited), emotionally (for my darling husband and son and those who love and care for me) and financially, both during the treatment and now whilst we have to make frequent visits to hospital due to complications (whose idea was it to live in North Devon when the only treatment options available are in Exeter, Plymouth and London??) A holiday away from this will be a true blessing.

The generosity of the Fund during these difficult times has made me feel incredibly humble and has left me speechless. The cost of handling my condition has drained us financially and at times seems to be no end to it but your help has made me quite emotional and very grateful

Many thanks once again to you all!

Much love

Serving officers wife




January 2011

Dear Fund Administrator

Please accept my grateful thanks for all your help with the grant.

The stairlift is a great help for me not only in regards to the arthritus but with my breathing when I am chesty.

…………..Once again, many thanks to your good self, the Fund Chairman and Fund Secretary for the quick response for help. The stairlift was fitted within a week and is very much appreciated.

Also thank you for for good wishes in your letter of 7 December

Your sincerely

Police Widow






December 2010

Dear Fund Administrator

…………….the grant which was so swiftly arranged has enabled us, in consultation with our son and others to purchase a substantial rise and recliner chair from which my wife has already reaped benefits.

We really cannot express strongly enough our feeling of gratitude to the Committee of the Compassionate Fund for this ready assistance

with many grateful thanks

Police Pensioner

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